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8th Back Contact WORKSHOP 2017

The 8th BC workshop on

back contact solar cell and module technology

will be held from

21 - 22 November 2017

in the ETAGE Conference Center, which is situated on the 1st floor of the Solar Info Center, next to the "Messe" in Freiburg. The workshop is hosted by Fraunhofer ISE.


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Welcome to the Back Contact Workshop 2017

Chairperson’s Message

Today, the PV market is driven by the ratio of costs per watt. Thus, although the benefit of high conversion efficiency is already recognizable on PV system level, where manufacturing costs of solar cells are circumstantial, low-cost solar cells rule the market. But, advances in process technology, especially towards low material consumption, high through-put and yield, will lead to negligible manufacturing costs and, consequently, the conversion efficiency will be the remaining decision-making factor for investors.

Back-contact silicon solar cells feature the property of a sunny side without or with a negligible fraction of metal and, in turn, the particular combination of homogenous appearance with high conversion efficiency. Moreover, the spreading technology of passivated metal contacts (e.g. TOPCon) enables the fabrication of fully passivated devices, whereby fully-passivated devices without additional optical losses are only possible with back-contact cells. Not surprising that the world record silicon solar cell is a back-contact cell enabling a conversion efficiency of up to 26.7%, approaching the practical limit at 29.4%.

Today and in the short term, back-contact back-junction silicon solar cells appear where high power is required at low area consumption, hence, rooftops, building-integrated PV, portable electronics, electro mobility, etc. In the future, it can be assumed that increasing conversion efficiency and decreasing manufacturing costs will catalyze the back-contact technology beyond the niche market and, consequently, the market share of back-contact cells has the potential to drastically increase.

Next steps on the way to a deeper market penetration with back contact cell and module technologies will be discussed at the 8th Back-Contact Workshop in Freiburg. We invite you to come together with experts in order to share competences and to provoke synergetic effects as well as to set up future collaborations.

Hence, …

» Let us get in discussion in order to detect significant issues of R&D and technology transfer from lab to fab.

» Let us listen to the talks of renowned scientists within the sessions on BC cell and module technology, materials and components, industrial production, and alternative applications.

» Let us have an exciting time in Freiburg, Germany’s green city, surrounded by the black forest, a picturesque old city traversed by babbling brooks. Let us enjoy a delicious diner at the Wolfshöhle.

We look forward meeting you in Freiburg!

Dr. Roman Keding and Dr. Florian Clement
Fraunhofer ISE