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Workshop location

The 8th Back Contact (BC) workshop will be held at the ETAGE Conference Center which is situated on the 1st floor of the Solar Info Center, next to the "Messe" in Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany.

© Energieagentur Regio Freiburg GmbH (taken from: www.etage-freiburg.de)

ETAGE Conference Center
1st floor of the Solar Info Center
Emmy-Noether-Str. 2
79110 Freiburg

The ETAGE Conference Center (PDF-download for further information) provides a high-class background for congresses and symposia, as well as for receptions and many other events. Its distinct room structure, warm materials, exceptional shapes, good atmosphere and modern and functional rooms are perfect for a world class workshop. The convention-center “ETAGE” is located in the Solar info Center, an ecological model building.

// Please find here a PDF file with detailed compilation on various travel options.

Dinner location

©Taken from: www.wolfshoehle-freiburg.de

Konviktstrasse 8
79098 Freiburg

Travel within Freiburg

New in 2016: Fraunhofer ISE can be reached directly from the city center with the new city tram line 4 (pink) -> Direction Messe -> Stop Elsässer Straße. Download the Net Plan, click here.

Travel by car

  • Motorway A5, exit “Freiburg Mitte” towards the city center (“Stadtmitte”)
  • B 31 A, fourth exit towards “Sportzentrum West / Uni-Klinik”
  • Berliner Allee straight for about 1 km to the seventh traffic light, after the S-bahn line the Solar Info center is situated right at the traffic lights
  • Please use the car park of “Messe Freiburg” 300 meters ahead (see PDF file)

Travel by railway

Breisgau S-Bahn from Freiburg main station to "FR Messe / Universität" At the stop Freiburg Messe / Universität get out and walk in the direction of the 4-lane road Berliner Allee. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing. The Solar Info Center with the ETAGE Conference Center is located directly in front of you. Turn on the footpath to the left and at the next intersection, turn right. You approach directly to the main entrance of the Solar Info Center. The ETAGE Conference Center is located on the 1st floor. Use the staircase in the foyer or the elevators ascent North or East. This walk takes about 5 minutes.

You can find more information at the website of the Deutsche Bahn AG and the Breisgau S-Bahn.

Travel by bus

From Freiburg main station with the bus-line 11 until “Technische Fakultät” (Faculty of Engineering) The station is located in front of the main entrance of the Solar Info Center with the ETAGE Conference Center on the 1st floor. Please take the same bus in the direction Munzinger Straße for your return trip.

Travel by plane

The following airports have a good connection to Freiburg: