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Dear friends and colleagues,

Ever since 2016, when the Al-BSF solar cell technology and, with it, the mc-Si technology began to disappear from the PV market, innovative high-efficiency solar cell concepts have been on the rise.

Currently, the PV market is dominated by PERC technology. In the next five years, however, this will be replaced by n-type technologies such as HJT and especially TOPCon. In order to maintain the efficiency increase thereafter, the final step towards IBC technologies is taking place. The practically possible solar cell efficiencies will then be increased to 26% and module efficiencies can reach up to 25%. IBC technology will therefore ultimately become dominant, not only due to its highest efficiency potential, but also thanks to the easier implementation of Cu or even Al contacts on the back side and the simpler module interconnection possibilities.

We invite you to the revival of the back contact workshop and to discuss the future technology of the PV market with us.

Many want it - few already have it. Large Tier1 manufacturers like Aiko, Jinko and LONGi are working hard to develop industrial IBC technology.

At the BCworkshop in Konstanz, we will present and discuss the latest developments as well as already-implemented IBC and MWT technologies. Join us in shaping the future of highly efficient and sustainable photovoltaics.

We look forward to your participation.

With kind regards,
Radovan Kopecek (Chair BCworkshop 2022), Conexio-PSE and the Programme Committee

Radovan Kopecek


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