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2022, November (10th workshop)

Opening by Radovan Kopecek (ISC Konstanz)

Session 1: Back contact cells/modules in R&D

» Fraunhofer ISE: Influence of the transition region between n- and p-doped silicon on IBC solar cells
» ISFH: Advances in POLO IBC solar cells with shadow mask process
» ISC Konstanz: polyZEBRA - A both polarity passivating contact IBC cell
» INES: Edge passivation for high voltage devices
» TNO: Low cost back contact HJT and options for tandem devices

Session 2: Back contact cells in production/R&D in industry

» Meyer Burger: The Sirius project - Tunnel IBC solar cell and module upscaling at Meyer Burger research
» RCT Solutions: GW IBC production - Integration, technology and cost
» ISC Konstanz: IBC production at SPIC
» Longi: HPBC - The best practices for module technologies

Session 3: Materials for back contact technology

» Norsun: European wafers for IBC
» Endurans: Back-contact modules with conductive backsheet - turning cost into value, for all
» Copprint: Conductive copper pastes and ECAs for lower costs and improved sustainability of PV metallization

Radovan Kopecek (ISC Konstanz): Summary of first day and welcome to the 2nd day

Session 4: Back contact modules

» Eurogroep: Lasting generations
» FuturaSun: IBC ZEBRA module GigaFactory in Italy
» teamtechnik: Stringer technology for standard silicon solar cells and ZEBRA IBC cells

Session 5: Characterisation/Quality/Standards

» GP Solar/ISRA Vision: Inline inspection for back contact cell manufacturing
» halm: End of line characterization for back-contact solar cells

Session 6: Back contact technology users

» Lightyear: Back contact technology for high efficiency VIPV systems
» Sunovation: Module design based on BC PV cells
» Sonomotors: IBC technology for car industry


» ISFH: BCworkshop 2023 announcement